Ja, dette kom som ei «bombe»

Eg tok ein test om eukaristisk teologi, og eg må seie at resultatat kom som ei «bombe.»

You scored as Catholic. You are a Catholic. You believe that the bread and wine are transformed by the priest and become the Body and Blood of Christ. Though the accidents, or appearance, of bread and wine remain, the substance has been changed. The Eucharist remains the Body and Blood of Christ after the celebration, and is reserved in the Tabernacle; Eucharistic devotions are proper. As the whole Christ is present under either species, you partake fully of the Eucharist even if you receive only one.

Eucharistic theology
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One comment on “Ja, dette kom som ei «bombe»

  1. Viking says:

    så konverter da vell, det er noe helt unikt å være med i et så stort fellesskap som den katolske kirken er!

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