Voldemort: the big baddie

Via MuggleNet

I Big Bad Read, ein konkurranse om kva «skurk» som er best innan litteratur (inkludert teikneseriar) gjekk Voldemort, «skurken» i Harry Potter-bøkene, av med fyrsteplassen. Rowling vart glad for dette, og sa:

I am thrilled and honoured beyond words that Lord Voldemort has been voted best villain in the Big Bad Read poll. I am not sure how he would react to knowing that he had won a Muggles’ unpopularity poll. A mixture of pleasure that you recognised his power and menace, coupled with fury at your nerve at mentioning his real name, I think. His author, however, is absolutely delighted.

I am sorry not to be there in person to join your celebration of literary evil, but Lord Voldemort requires my constant presence at the moment, as his Dark plans are unfolding in all their grisly glory. I hope those of you who voted for him in the Big Bad Read enjoy reading about him in book seven, where he finally gets the legroom for which he has been aching during all those years in exile.

I have always felt that cardboard baddies make weak heroes and that Harry deserved a really deluxe model, so I have done my best to make Lord Voldemort a real person, red eyed and snakelike though he might be. He, of course, is one of the reasons the Harry Potter books are often banned, but I remain of the firm belief that we need our imaginary villains, the better to brace ourselves for the ones we need to fight in reality.Voldemort heads an extremely distinguished list, and I shall enjoy picturing him at the head of the table, while Sauron [#2], Lex Luther [#4] and Mrs. Coulter [#3, from <i>His Dark Materials</i>] glower at him, awaiting their chance to topple him. In the meantime, thank you again, on his behalf and mine, for the great honour.

I denne samanhengen vil eg sitere John Granger som skriv om Voldemort, og hans materialisme, i boka Looking for God in Harry Potter (updated second edition), s. 70:

Voldemort, fearing death, pursues personal immortality through his horrible Horcruxes. He creates reservoirs in material objects for the splinters of his soul that have separated from the whole in the act of murder. The Dark Lord is merely a cartoon of fallen man; he asserts and seeks his advantage before others (a shadow of murder) and invests himself in temporal things and ideas (modern idolatry and materialism) to flee death and imagine himself immortal. Such a self-focused, unloving existenceironically separates him from the love of others and ultimately from Love himself, who is our life and hope of genuine immortality. Fleeing a human death, Voldemort becomes its nonliving, inhuman incarnation.


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