I dag er det Helgemessesundag, og difor vil eg sitere eit utdrag av pave Benedict XVI sin tale for denne dagen (som eigenteg er 1. november). Men fyrst vil eg sitere andre lesetekst frå dagens lesetekstar (les gjerne alle saman).

1 Joh 3:1-3:

Sjå kor stor kjærleik Far har synt oss: Vi får kallast Guds born — ja, vi er det! Verda kjenner oss ikkje, fordi ho ikkje kjenner han. Mine kjære, no er vi Guds born, og det er enno ikkje openberra kva vi skal bli. Vi veit at når han openberrar seg, skal vi bli like han, for vi skal sjå han som han er. Kvar den som har dette håpet til han, reinsar seg, slik Kristus er rein.

Pave Benedict XVI sa:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our Eucharistic celebration opened today with the exhortation “Let us rejoice in the Lord.” The liturgy invites us to share the heavenly jubilation of the saints, to taste the joy. The saints are not a restricted caste of elect but a crowd without number toward which, today, the liturgy exhorts us to lift our eyes.

Among this multitude are not only the officially recognized saints but the baptized of every age and nation who have sought to accomplish the divine will with love and fidelity. Many there are whose faces and names we do not know but with the eyes of faith we see them shine like stars full of glory in the divine firmament. (…)

Dear brothers and sisters, we now enter into the heart of the Eucharistic celebration, the stimulus and nourishment of holiness. In a short while Christ will become present in a higher way, he who is the true vine to which are united, as branches, the faithful on earth and the saints in heaven.The communion of the pilgrim Church in the world with the Church triumphant in glory will be strengthened. In the Preface we will proclaim that the saints are for us friends and models of life. We will ask them that they help us to imitate them and to undertake to respond with generosity to the divine call as they did. We will especially call upon Mary, the mother of the Lord and mirror of sanctity. May she, the all-holy one, make us faithful disciples of her son Jesus Christ! Amen.


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