Å angripe meining med meining

I dag vil eg berre vise til ein interessant diskusjon om meining.[1] I opningsposten (OP) påpeiker ein av debattantane, som kallar seg for “IngoB,” farene som kjem med den moderne synet på meining. Han skriv:

The intellect is the commander of our highest mental faculties, and it commands them to investigate what initially is alien to us, namely all there is in the world. So we do science, philosophy, even art. But nowadays, when the answers come streaming in, the one thing we are told not to ask about the lot is the obvious question: what is it for? Our culture has tried to make us believe that the quest for meaning is not rational. The facts are … the facts. They are organized into structures, yes — more facts, just abstract ones. But that’s all there is to it, ultimately. The world is a fact. And this, our culture says, is the rational attitude.

Ein annan debattant, som kallar seg for “dogwonderer,” er ikkje einig, og skriv:

In his own little world, baby dogwonderer is innocent of the questions you pose in your OP, and it will only be through the development of his understanding that he will ever come to wonder about such things. All other life forms are like that— it is only our human understanding that equips us to post wonderful ideas like yours, on an internet forum, using man-made computers. (…)

If you abandon your instinctive and utterly human craving for some deeper Meaning of Life, you may find yourself rather liberated.

“IngoB” sitt svar på dette er meisterleg:

It is indeed only human understanding that can and does allow the quest for meaning. Thus we are in fact not like an ant or even chimpanzee, in spite of all the biology. The real question is, as always, what that fact means. (…)

Utterly liberated of my humanity, sure. But why would I debase myself? When humans act non-human, it is always for an ideology — so here. Which is sweetly ironic, for it denys meaning for meaning’s sake.

Noter & referansar:

1. “But … what is it for?” Diskusjon i nettforumet Ship of Fools, 23. Juli 2007 (og vidare.) (26. Juli 2007)

  • [Eit problem med dette forumet er at diskusjonane blir flytta eller sletta når det er 30 dagar sidan siste innlegg. Dersom dette innlegget blir sletta, så er det ikkje så mykje eg kan gjere med det. Dersom det blir flytta, så skal eg prøve å finne det igjen, og endre lenka.]


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