Endå litt meir om offeret i nattverden

Eg har allereie skrive litt om offeret i nattverden, her og her. Men eg ville gjerne sitere kyrkjefaderen Kyprian (i engelsk omsetjing), for å få litt diskusjon omkring dette. Når det er sagt såpass tidleg i kristendommens historie, så kan ein ikkje forkaste det som eit ‘mellomaldersk påfunn.’ Han seier:

For if Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, is Himself the chief priest of God the Father, and has first offered Himself a sacrifice to the Father, and has commanded this to be done in commemoration of Himself, certainly that priest truly discharges the office of Christ, who imitates that which Christ did; and he then offers a true and full sacrifice in the Church to God the Father, when he proceeds to offer it according to what he sees Christ Himself to have offered.[1]

Kva meiner folk om dette? Kan vi forkaste dette?


[1] Epistolae 62:14. I: Philip Schaff, Fathers of the Third Century: Hippolytus, Cyprian, Caius, Novatian. Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library 2004, s. 642 (674). Lenke til PDF-fil (07.03.2009)Sjå også i: Fr Timothy Finigan, Sacred and Great. Traditional Liturgy in a Modern Parish, 2008. Lenke til PDF-fil (02.03.2009)


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