My Master’s Thesis is available online

My Master’s Thesis is now available online.

«Do this in remembrance of me…» The sacrificial aspect of the Eucharist in the systematic theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg and Joseph Ratzinger.

My hope is that my thesis can be of ‘ecumenical help.’ I defended it on the February 20, 2013, eight days before pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) resigned the Petrine ministry, and I hope the best for his further life.

Corrigenda et addenda

Some errors have been discovered in this thesis. I will not provide changes for every typographical error, but some changes are warrented.

Errors in the main text:

  • On page 13/23, n.33 and n.132, I reference Schwöbel 2005:140-143. This doesn’t refer to anything in the bibliography, but refer to Christoph Schwöbel’s biography/monography on Pannenberg, cf. n.31 (p.13). It should say Schwöbel, op.cit., 2005, pp.140-143 (cf. n.31, p.13).
  • On page 31/75 (cf. n.201 and n.506), I quote Pannenberg (SysT III:318-319). Part of the quotation goes: «Because the goal of his mission, the presence of his rule, to significatory form in what he did at the supper…» It should go: «Because the goal of his mission, the presence of his rule, took significatory form in what he did at the supper…»
  • On page 43, n.283, I reference the Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, but forgot to add the year of publication. The year of publication is 1954.

Errors in the bibliography:

Two items are missing from the bibliography, both from section 6.2.3 (‘other sources’), the first from the selection of abbreviated works, the second from the selection of non-abbreviated works.

LW: Luther’s Works. 55 vols., ed., J. Pelikan and H.T. Lehmann. St. Louis, MO: Concordia/Philadelphia, PA: Fortress Press 1955-1986

Prenter, Regin. (1977). «Det eukaristiske offer.» In: Nattverden i menighetens liv. (Trondheim: Andaktsbokselskapet), pp.75-86

The attachment:

The attachment mistakenely wasn’t included in the printed verson. It has been included in this electronic version, but had to be added at the back of the printed versions. It can be found at the back of the thesis.

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