A few words on the Feast of the Ascension

According to N.T. Wright, the Gospel is not that we are saved or that we can be justified by God. This is the outworking of the Gospel, the fruit of its preaching, but not the Gospel itself. The Gospel, Wright points out, is the proclamation of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ as Lord. If Christ is Lord of the world, then Ceasar is not, and neither is any other king, prince or president.

If this is true, and I do believe it to be so, wouldn’t it follow that the Feast of the Ascension, which we celebrate today to commemorate that Christ ascended to heaven to be enthroned, is, Gospel wise, one of the most important days of the Church year?

Ponder on that and repeat this day one of the most ancient of creeds: “Jesus is Lord!”


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